Ellon Men's Shed

Ellon Men’s Shed – revised opening arrangements.
With the continued easing of Covid-19 lockdown restrictions we have revised how the Shed will work from now until the next change in the Government’s Covid rules.
The garden is ‘getting gloing again’ with the poly tunnel nearing completion, a new load of compost from Keenan Recycling and tomato and runner & French beans underway.
– groups of 12 people from 12 households can work outside.
The workshop and social areas are back in use, with a few restrictions:
– indoors, it is a legal requirement for face covering to be worn, unless you have an exemption or are at a table having lunch in the social area.

– a maximum of 14 people are allowed in the Shed building at any one time

– 6 people are allowed within the workshop
– 6 people are allowed in the social area
– 2 people are allowed in the office
– social distancing should be observed wherever possible
– within the social area the kettle, microwave and fridge can be used. But, users MUST clean and sanitise appliances after they have been used. The fridge is only to be used for storing lunches and must be empty when the Shed closes at 4pm. Members should bring their own milk, sugar etc..
– only intermittent access is allowed into the loft which is for storage only. The loft is not a work area.
With these changes the workshop is now open for hobby and ‘Shed projects’.
Trustees, Ellon and District Men’s Shed


Ellon and District Men’s Shed – Febraury 2021

We opened the Shed during November under Covid-19 controls.  We could only do maintenance work and charitable activities (not hobbies) and we had to have a ‘six at a time rota’ to control numbers and ensure social distancing.   We closed for the festive holidays on Thursday 17th December.  Re opening after the holidays was planned for Monday 11th of January but the tier 4 restrictions that came into force on Boxing Day meant that the Shed had to stay closed.

The Shed open period up to Christmas was beneficial to the men and useful to achieve maintenance and charitable work tasks.

It also allowed the trustees to look towards the future of the Shed and plan for additional activity areas for the members – basically we need more space!  How to achieve this is now in the Shed 2021 plan.

The Shed trustees enjoy supporting Ellon Castle Gardens and had a Shed promotion table at the garden’s open day on 28th November to celebrate National Tree Week.  The weather was fine all day and Christmas reindeer made by Shed members sold well.  Also, the prize in the largest tree girth competition was a wooden ornament produced by the Shed members.

During lockdown periods we have communicated to members mainly by email and website, while conducting the Shed AGM and trustee meetings on zoom. Photographs of items made at home by the members circulated on WhatsApp along with the occasional rude joke.  It does take a little while to be totally comfortable with modern technology but all are getting there.

We are pleased to report that our Shed will survive the pandemic and go on to improving men’s wellbeing in the community.

We would like to thank the Scottish Government for their resilience grant and the Robertson Trust operational funding that has ensured our survival.

We would also like to thank Formartine Rural Partnership,  the Stafford Trust and the Co op Local Community Fund for their patience following their funding awards to the Shed  as the planned activities have been delayed or stopped, largely because of Covid-19.  We aim to move forward with these projects with a clear forward plan by the end of March.

Getting back to normality is our dream and with vaccinations ongoing and with most of our members being of retired age, some of us will have had our first jab by the time you read this.

When back to normality the Shed’s financial income will again depend on the items made and sold, the quiz nights we run and the open days we have.

We have had terrific support in the past from the local community on all these funding streams and we will be hoping that the same support will come back.