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Projects gallery

Here is a selection of the type of projects and hobbies that are undertaken in the Shed.  They range from restoration of garden furniture, barrows from the Strathspey Railway through to making birdboxes for schools.  Men have their own hobbies such as wood turning where they make things for their own use or for raising funds for the Shed.

We restored 2 hand-carts and 2 barrows from the Strathspey Railway – they were used for the movement of luggage etc. on the station platforms

We undertake numerous projects for schools, charities and individuals – either making new items or restoring existing ones. Here is a small selection.

We’ve made many bird nesting boxes.  Some we sell at open days etc. others are made as pre-assembly kits for primary schools.  In several cases men from the Shed go to the schools to help the children put the boxes together.

A couple of guys at the Shed have got into restoring old motorbikes and mopeds

The Shed was asked to build some rustic office furniture for a new start up business – put together largely out of wood from pallets.  We have used old whisky barrels for planters and for garden chairs.

Wood working and wood turning is a major activity for a number of men – items ranging from pens, to bowls, clocks and numerous other decorative items.